The First Annual Indigenous Gathering Week at Rocky By Kamryn Pitcher

  Indigenous Gathering Week, organized by Michaela Talksabout and Tauzha Grantham of Native American Outreach at Rocky, took place from Friday, September 19 to Saturday, October 1, ultimately ending in Rocky Mountain College’s campus powwow on Saturday evening.  “The Indigenous Gathering Week has been in the works for a little under a year,” Talksabout said.

Column: A Playlist (and Review in tandem) To Help You Through the Remaining Semester By Jacob Wissinger of The Summit Staff

  Laughing, Screaming – Fox Academy (Indie, soft synth)   Laughing and screaming as a statement might leave you confused. Fox Academy’s  new single tackles that confusion at its feet. An echoing and heavy tone lead setting you in the thick of the romance.  The track then shifts into a blissful tempo and lyrical performance,

Yellowstone River Clean-up Photo Story By Cole Kirchen

On Saturday, September 10, a large group of Rocky Mountain College students went out to the Yellowstone River for their annual river cleanup day. Environmental Science student Cole Kirchen documented the day.  According to Professor Ward, Rocky recovered over 11,000 pounds of trash from our river! That means our haul was the weight of an Asian