Your qualms and your problems I may never know. I can’t see your struggles as we pass one another and sit in class together. However, by the universal contract of life, I can fathom that you all may feel the same as I do at times. We all have quiet moments in which we feel weak and need release. 


It’s not enough for me to say I fully understand, I don’t, however, I know what it’s like to fall to the floor without the ability to do much more than cry. Crying holds no cowardice nor does it foster weakness. Instead, crying is a failsafe, a literal draining of pressure and sadness. 


So, should you be in need of that good cry that clears and liberates you, look no further than the beauty and solace that our campus holds.


Fortin Gym 

Large, complex, and empty, Fortin is a masterclass when it comes to looking for solitude pockets to shed some tears. Seldom is it crowded Fortin holds a vast number of unmanned hallways and rooms free for use should you need. The track makes for an ideal combo of cry potential and exercise, which is conducive to full release. 


Tech Hall Art Room 

Many of us probably haven’t stepped foot in this room, but should you have had the pleasure of doing so you know just how warm and safe this room is. Whether that is by design or by the efforts of those who inhabit it and their efforts this room has all you need. Abundant and beautiful natural lighting, free-use supplies to channel your strife into art, and the lack of a door make this the most “open” place on campus.


Prescott, Great Hall 

It may feel like this isn’t the kind of place you can just walk into, but I remind you that you pay for this so go where you please. Far above any other place at rocky the great hall stands alone in not only its stoic beauty but in significance as well. It is a room that feels separate from time and space, something that only exists when you are within it, make use of that and cry.


Library Basement (Conference rooms) 

Maybe I am biased but after the covid classrooms and countless meetings in the basement, I, at times, took to the isolation of the downstairs conference rooms when faced with trials. By nature a silent and respectful space the environment feels void of judgment and perception, offering the ideal hub to let go of the weight you may be lighter without.


Wendy’s Soccer Field 

Us elder statesmen remember crying here prior to the beautiful fence now securing the pitch. Even then it was the most isolated outside area on campus and on a good night gives a broad view of the stars. You don’t have to play soccer or run around, instead just sit in the middle of the field and let it out.


By the Bear (The real one made escalator pieces)

People underrate the solitude of those benches beneath the grace of our Bear spirit incarnate. Hidden slightly by the branches of the surrounding evergreens its canopy feels privately safe. Still retaining a social aspect, you can people watch your fears away. (while you cry)


In your favorite professor’s office 

We all have one (I hope) and should you not, take time to know the great people our professors are. They have walked the same path as us all, and have unrivaled experience and kindness in helping us along this difficult road. Most Rocky faculty office share that cramped yet welcoming aesthetic that puts you at ease. 


Eaton Hall Attic 

I won’t tell you what’s up there or exactly how to get there but should you be in need it will have what you need. It’s stuffy and hot even in the winter but perhaps you feel a parallel to what you may be going through. Our emotions are tethered to our environments, it can be difficult to release them when you don’t feel like the space you inhabit is the opposite. The Eaton attic has that connectivity and it certainly has space for you.


The Dining Hall 

Most of this list recommends isolation, yet at times the environments we need the most include others. Surrounded by friends and food the dining hall is private enough to allow a cry with others in supreme comfort. You should seek out others who feel the same about your emotionality and worries, those who will hold and nurture you when you yourself find it difficult.


In Class 

This one may seem abrasive or questionable but have you ever heard Tim Lehman plead with us young fools to vote? There is this conviction to a well-delivered lecture or a deep class discussion can bring pain and strife out of you. You may fear the perception of others but on the other side of that coin is acceptance and understanding. 



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