Reverend Sam Beaves-Fisher has a “deep deep deep” love for higher education (but he’s not out to replace Chaplain Kim Woeste).


Sam Fisher is one of the newest members of the Rocky Mountain College Board of Trustees.


College gave Fisher an experience he never thought was possible as it broadened his mind in ways he did not know school could. He learned a lot socially, like how to interact with people different from him.


His decision to become a pastor was “fulfilling my purpose in life.” He really wants to fill the need for the church to accept all people exactly where they are at.


Fisher moved to Billings under the assignment of the Bishop and became the pastor of Grace United Methodist church. 

A day “never looks the same” as a pastor. He is essentially the CEO of an organization and does everything from budgets to janitorial duties. He is also responsible for traditional pastoral duties including worship, counseling, and socializing with members. 


As a part of the United Methodist church, pastors serve in different community advocacy boards as an extension of the local church into the wider community. 


When a spot opened up on the Rocky Mountain College Board of Trustees, Fisher was recommended and became the Methodist representative.


Fisher brings his ability to ask questions and enjoyment of honest dialogue to the board. He truly cares about what a Rocky student means to the world and how we can have pride in our institution. 


Fisher adds it is “fun and fascinating” to be a part of higher education right now and to see an institution who has persevered throughout history.


Fisher’s ultimate vision for Rocky includes reconnecting the college with the community by taking the walls down around campus.


He notes that “Rocky brings diversity to the community” and that “we can be the conduit to expand the communities horizons in a real way.”


Fisher states there are “veins of social justice that exist in the core of RMC” and that if students articulated these issues he is interested in looking into how the board could support them.


If there was one thing Fisher wanted every student to know about the board is that they “really do care about their experience.” They are serving on the board, because they deeply love and care about the college. 


Fisher is no exception; he believes in higher education for the betterment of people’s lives. As a trustee he can facilitate that for Rocky Mountain College students.

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