We have all been there, running late to class but needing to quickly print off that one assignment. We desperately ran into the library to print. It happens. This quick printing run is often the entirety of most students’ interaction with the library, yet the library has so much more to offer that can make students’ lives better.


Most students are familiar with the library’s main floor. When walking in, the first thing guests see is the front desk, the book displays, and the new book section. Of course, there is also the thing we are most familiar with—computers that students can work on and print from. 


Off to the right of this main area, are some really exciting additions to the library. A relatively new piece in the library is Enactus’ Community Fridge. Enactus is an international group  focused on involving students in their community to help find solutions to local issues. Last year, Rocky’s Enactus established the Community Fridge. This resource is located next to the color copier and is there for anyone who needs a quick snack or meal. Students can support Enactus’s Community Fridge by donating money, whether physical cash or through Venmo.


Also in that same area is the return of the coffee corner. This segment is run by Rocky’s school counselor, Cynthia Hutchinson. The station is meant to help students de-stress with a cup of coffee or some tea. They even have some mugs there if students forget their own.


From the food corner,  one can head right over to the tutoring section where the Writing Center and the LEAP offices are housed. The Writing Center offers students support with writing assignments from any class and works to help them develop as a writers. Walk-ins are welcome as long as long as there are no sessions already scheduled, and appointments can be made ahead of time with a message to writingcenter@rocky.edu.


Across from the Writing Center is LEAP’s Steven Petermen in his new office. Leadership, Engagement, and Achievement Program or LEAP is a peer mentoring program that supports students to achieve their academic goals and reach their full potential. LEAP can be contacted at leap@rocky.edu.


In addition, the library houses drop-in tutoring for core classes, which is offered Sunday through Wednesday from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Personal tutoring is also available upon request for SAS students in any class.


The library also offers various print resources from the reference section and newspapers, to periodicals that contain both magazines and peer-reviewed journals on the first floor. Then there is the “stacks,” which is massive book collection downstairs that contains over 50,000 books. There are also millions of articles available through the databases found on the Rocky’s library website. 


If Rocky’s print and online collection does not have the book or article students are looking for, the library staff is happy to help find it through interlibrary loan. To request materials that are not avaibable at Rocky students can email ill@rocky.edu. 


In addition to checking out print materials, students can also borrow calculators, cameras, projectors, chargers, movies, music, and audiobooks from the library. There are also a few conference rooms that are available for student use. 

The library has many resources available for Rocky students to utilize, so the next time when on a printing run, make sure to explore these spaces and enjoy all of the library’s offerings. 

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