Luke Ward’s Graphic Information Systems class was tasked with finding geocaches for an assignment last weekend. Geocaching is an activity in which people hide objects, and coordinates are provided to find those objects, kind of like a giant scavenger hunt. It is both fun and educational, and a great way to explore new places. My friend and I were going to Yellowstone National Park, so we decided to gather the data we needed for the trip. This sadly could not happen because most areas within the park did not have cell service, or when service was available, it was not good enough to complete the task at hand. Once we returned, we had to change course and do the assignment in the Billings area. We ended up going all over the place. I started at the Pawnee Trail, which is located between Zimmerman and Phipps park. We began the search for the Tanked cache. It was interesting as we made our way through the woods and trails using our GPS coordinates to guide us to the cache. Along the way, we saw a bunch of prairie dogs popping in and out of their burrows. Next, I made my way to Western Billings on Avanta Way, where the cache Rusty was located. This cache filled the urban requirement of the assignment. Lastly, I went to Costco on King Ave. to uncover the P&G 100 cache. Along this whole journey, we had to abandon our searches because we were unable to find the caches. For being a school assignment, the hunting of caches was quite fun and something many people could get into. The activity allowed me to explore areas I thought I knew but am just starting to uncover!


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