With the start of October, we have officially entered the spooky season. Billings has tons of exciting Halloween events across town with varying levels of scariness and thrill. Here is a compiled list of some of the scary fun activities that meet everyone’s Halloween needs. 




The first category of events are the classics: scary movies. To experience a horror movie in theaters, with jump scares and all, the Billings movie theaters have plenty of options. 


The smaller locally run theaters downtown, the Babcock (2810 2nd Ave N) and Art House (109 N 30th St), have a few events, showing classic horror films for the fraction of the price of a larger theater.


Babcock: Prices vary from $7-$10

  • 9 pm Saturday, Oct. 22: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 
  • 7 pm Wednesday, Oct. 26: “Creepshow” 
  • 7 pm Saturday, Oct. 29: “John Carpenter’s Halloween” 


For more information: https://arthousebillings.com/


Then, the larger theaters in town are showing new horror movies throughout the month, including “Smile,” “Terrifier 2,” and “Scream 2- 25th Anniversary.” They also are offering two double feature showings. 


AMC Classic Billings 10/Shiloh 14:  Prices around $12.50


  • 1 pm Saturday, Oct. 29: “Creature from the Black Lagoon” (1954) and “The Phantom of the Opera” (1943) Double Feature 


For more information: https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/billings-mt/amc-classic-shiloh-14 




For some real-life scares, Billings has two haunted house opportunities. 


The first is the fourth annual Scarity Haunted House. This year’s theme is Apocalypse, so be prepared to be frightened by some zombies. This event is held at Oscar’s Park, and be sure to bring some friends. Tickets are available now.


  • Scarity Haunted House: Apocalypse (Oscar’s Park) 

$20: Oct. 20-23, 27-30, 6-10 pm


For more information: https://scarityhauntedhouse.com/


This is your warning to not go alone into the Haunted Moss Mansion. This year, a sleepover goes terribly wrong and cursed characters from nightmares come alive to terrorize the waking hours. Beware of what lingers in the dark. No reservations are needed to attend this cursed slumber party. 


  • Haunted Moss Mansion (914 Division St)

$20: Oct 27-31, 6-10 pm


For more information: https://mossmansion.com/event/hauntedmoss/all/ 




Another fun Halloween activity is escaping mazes. The largest maze in town is Grandpa’s Corn Maize at 58th St. West & Grand Ave. The theme of the main maze is 150 Years of Yellowstone Park. Grandpa’s Corn Maize also features a few smaller mazes, and they offer a haunted maze on Friday and Saturday nights where shadowy figures linger. Grandpa’s also has a pumpkin patch, kettle corn, some farm animals, and various fall games. 


Grandpa’s Farm is open this October on Wednesdays 6 pm-9 pm, Fridays 10 am-10 pm, and Saturdays 10 am-10 pm. Rocky students can wait and go for free with the Outdoor Rec Department on October 29, and students need to be there between 6:25 and 6:30 pm to get in for free.


  • The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm (58th St. West & Grand Ave)
    • General Admission – $12
    • Admission During Haunting – On Friday and Saturday nights $15


For more information: https://www.themaizeatgrandpasfarm.com/ 


The other maze in town is at the Moss Mansion. They have a monster infested maze outside the house, and the creatures thrive on screams. 


  • Moss Mansion Maze (914 Division St): 
    • $10: Oct 27-31, 7-10 pm 


For more information: https://mossmansion.com/event/hauntedmoss/all/ 


Another unique experience is at Two Moon Park. They have Haunted Hallows, with clowns, spiders, zombies, and other frights throughout the 1 mile walk across the park. 


  • Haunted Hallows at Two Moon Park (850 Two Moon Park Rd): Price $10
    • $10: Oct 25, 26, 30, 7-10:30 pm


( There are VIP Tickets are available for $20 that allow guests to skip the line)


For more information: http://www.billingsjaycees.org/haunted-hallows.html




There are some other fun activities that are Halloween themed. A not-as-scary, artistic venture would be at the classes at Bitterroot Sip & Paint. This studio teaches people how to paint a specific picture and have some spooky creations to share.


Bitterroot Sip & Paint (1238 Central Ave): Prices vary from $20-$38 

  • 10/21, 3:30 pm – Studio Class Black Cats $18
  • 10/28, 3:30 pm – Studio Class Pumpkin Stack $18
  • 10/29, 3:00 pm – Studio Class Halloween Bottles $20


For more information: https://bitterrootsipandpaint.com/calendar?viewport=true 


For another scary encounter, Billings Escape Room has two terrifying rooms. One is Doll House 2: Master of Puppets, and the other is The Creepy Carnival. Both give an hour to escape this horror film situation. 


Billings Escape Room (2593 Overland Ave) $20 per person

  • Doll House (5-12 people)
  • Creepy Carnival (5-8 people)


For more information: https://billingsescaperoom.com/




Rocky also has some Halloween-themed activities throughout the month:


  • 6-9 pm, Thursday, Oct. 13: Pumpkin Painting
  • 7-9 pm, Wednesday, Oct. 26: Haunted Movie Night in Losekamp 
  • 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Saturday, Oct. 29: Haunted Corn Maize at Grandpa’s Farm (Arrive before 6:30 pm to get in for free).
  • 5-7 pm, Monday, Oct. 31: Halloween for Hunger


Mix and match these events, support local businesses, and enjoy the spooky season!


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