This February, Rocky Mountain College’s Enactus students opened Rocky’s Community Fridge in the library. The Community Fridge is here to support Rocky by offering healthy food for anyone who needs it. This project was started under Rocky’s Enactus group, and Enactus itself is an international organization that is focused on getting students involved in their community to help find solutions to local issues. 

Last semester, President Trinity Walter, Vice President Amber Durden, Secretary Josie Hokanson, Kara Holmlund, Seth Kalberer, Breah Mulvehill, and Stephanie Skorupa of Enactus began to determine what project would best serve the Rocky community. 

Skorupa, the team leader of the Community Fridge project, describes, “When we started it, we did a needs assessment and we got a little bit of information from our Chaplin, Kim. She said that around 50% of our students receive some type of need-based aid. That indicated to us that there is a struggle on campus of students having food insecurity [sic]. Our goal is to help those students.” 

These Rocky leaders, having found the issue of food insecurity, decided to establish the Community Fridge. Rocky’s Enactus partnered with Eat. Share. Give., a Billings non-profit organization that is working to help people in our community one meal at a time, to make this fridge possible.

With this new resource on campus, it is important to know how it functions. The Community Fridge is located in Rocky’s library next to the color copier and vending machine. 

Skorupa explains, “You can go to the fridge, take whatever you need out of it and scan the Venmo QR code on the fridge and donate whatever you can. If that is nothing that is fine. If you can do a few dollars that’s great. Just whatever people can afford.”

Skorupa noted that this fridge is not just for students with food insecurities. It is for the whole campus, whether that is for the students who have limited time between classes and cannot make it to the cafeteria or the students who are studying late in the library and need a quick snack. Anyone can use the Venmo code to support and give back to the Community Fridge. The money will go to Eat. Share. Give., and the founder Sarah Moyer will invest the donations to restock Rocky’s fridge.

– Standing left to right: Trinity Walter, Breah Mulvehill, Seth Kalberer, Lisa Wallace (Enactus Advisor)
– Kneeling left to right: Amber Durden, Sarah Moyer (Founder of Eat. Share. Give.), Stephanie Skorupa

To help the Community Fridge, you can donate money or volunteer with Eat. Share. Give. For more information on how to help Eat. Share. Give. you can visit their website. You can also join Enactus to make an impact in the community by helping with future projects. To learn more about Enactus contact Rocky’s Enactus advisors, Karen Beiser and Lisa Wallace. 

Overall, Enactus wants everyone to feel welcome to use the fridge and would appreciate our support to keep the Community Fridge going.

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