As most Rocky Students are aware, our colleagues from Rocktivites are working to organize a new event for us, Prom. 

As far as people remember Rocky Mountain College has never had a prom before. So, what changed this year? Why did they decide to embark on this project? Well, the majority of both freshmen and sophomores currently attending Rocky did not have the opportunity to experience their high school prom due to Covid, so why not give them and everyone else a new opportunity to experience a fun and elegant night out? 

I reached out to the organizers, guided by Tracy Mouser, to find out more details about the event and what the arrangements for the night are.

Rocky Prom will be hosted Friday, March 18 from 7 to 10 p.m. in Fortin Gym, but you will find the photo booth already open at 6.30 p.m. The night will be catered with snacks and mocktails available. Dani Ford, RMC Residence Advisor and student leader will run the music. She has been working on a playlist for the night, but is looking for suggestions, so if you want to request a particular song or have some ideas, DM the Instagram page or Rocktivities @involvementnetworkrmc. You can also use their Instagram page to submit your “promposal” for the Rocky Royalty contest; film your proposal, post it on Instagram and tag the Involvement Network page. The best video will be voted for during Prom night. 

All Rocky students are welcome to participate at Prom, yet this is not going to be a public event so regarding non-Rocky students, only plus ones are welcome.

Finally coming to the hot topic, what is the theme going to be? Rocktivities gave students the opportunity to propose our ideas and inspiration through their Instagram channel, and the five finalist were: Starry Night, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Euphoria (inspired aesthetic), The Roaring Twenties, and Gold Dust Woman. After a week of voting, the winner has been established: Euphoria! Assuming that a good part of you have seen the TV show, Tracy and Rocktivities want to clarify that “after careful discussion, we decided that the aesthetic vibe of the show- glitter, neon colors, etc- would be a good theme of the Rocky Prom. We do not and will not promote the show’s lifestyle, however, and trust that the greater RMC community will not, either.”

If anyone would like to help Rocktivities put up decorations and prepare the gym, they are welcome to email Tracy Mouser for more information at

So, save the date, find a date or a group of friends, take out your best suit or dress and join Rocktivities and all Rocky students for an “Euphoric” and entertaining night.

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