The history of rock and roll is littered with love ballads that have defined generations for years. Songs from The Beatles, Foreigner, and The Rolling Stones have conveyed love stories, and stories about breakups that one can’t help but dance to and find something toy Mountain College, the History of Rock and Roll class is where volleyball player and Montana native Victoria Cybulski and alumni Dylan Council, Washington native, first met. Council heard Cybulski answer a question in class and “found her attractive.” He decided to take a  shot and sent a message to her over Instagram. Cybulski remembers her first impression of Council, saying, “He was really tall and I thought he wasn’t my type at all.” Nevertheless, they began dating and went on their first date on Valentine’s Day at Buffalo Wild Wings. For three years, Council and Cybulski dated, went to their favorite restaurant Walkers Bar and Grill, and Doc’s for martinis. 

On Nov. 13, 2021, Council took Cybulski on what Cybulski describes as “an unnecessary walk on the Rims” to their spot where Council originally asked her out. She was slightly annoyed because it was so windy and she didn’t understand why he insisted they go for a walk.

When Council got down on one knee, all thoughts of wind and cold disappeared and she immediately started crying and laughing as he opened the box upside down. After saying yes, Cybulski heard a chorus of cheers from above them where their families and a bunch of close friends stood watching. Council had planned an after-party in downtown Billings to celebrate. Council had asked Cybulski’s whole family for their blessing before dropping the question and even talked to her entire volleyball team. 

Cybulski and Council have the date set for June 17, 2023, at Swift River Ranch in Billings. After graduating, Cybulski plans to move up to Helena where Council is currently attending the Law Enforcement Academy. Council is also working for Richland County in Sidney, Mont. Ultimately, their goal is to get back to the Billings area and settle down.


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