It’s not typical for Rocky Mountain College to have a fall break so early in the semester. In the past, students were provided with a week off for Thanksgiving, but with the responsibility of classes the following week. Since the Covid outbreak, students weren’t provided with any fall break. 


This year was different, though. The school provided a four day weekend at the start of October, rather than having students come back to school after Thanksgiving. The Outdoor Rec Program took advantage of that. Students had the chance to join the program on a trip to the Black Hills National Forest to experience a change in scenery and explore the great outdoors. 


The trip was hosted by the Director of Outdoor Rec, Tim Lohrenz. With his help, students were able to experience a lot during their short journey. They visited Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming, hiked to an old firehouse site in the mountains, and went swimming in a fresh hot spring. Students also had the chance to see Mount Rushmore and Wind Cave National Park along the way. 


The students had the chance to go rock climbing during their visit as well. They packed all the gear they needed to climb the steep cliffs of the forest. For most, this was their first time, but after a few attempts, students quickly got the hang of it and learned about the equipment and techniques in rock climbing. It didn’t take long for the new climbers to make their way up the steep banks. 


With all the new opportunities and adventures the trip offered, the students agreed that the cold nights were worth enduring. At the end of the trip, everyone had a different “favorite” part of the weekend. For many, it was their first time in the Black Hills, and it’s a trip they will never forget. 


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