You might have already attended some fun events this year, whether they were orientation activities, like watching illusionist Zac Mirz or the Top Gun movie on the Green, or attending the Tiki Takeover. All of these events, and many more, are courtesy of Rocky’s excellent student-run activity organization, Rocktivities. 


Rockivities is dedicated to creating a space for Rocky students to have fun and socialize. They have staple events, such as movie nights, pizza and bowling, and succulent nights, Rockivities is also continuing to come up with new events. 


Amazingly, all of these activities are planned, organized, and run by a small, six-member student team and their faculty leader, Tracy Mouser. This semester’s Rocktivities team is Lillie Fontaine, Dani Ford, Kyle Fergus, Isabella Sloan, Sara Kelly-Cannon, Jolia Buchanan.


Dani Ford, one of Rocktivities’ returning event coordinators, explained, “We are a very communication-based group in order to hold all of our events.” She also mentioned that as Rocktivities’ employees, they have to develop many new skills, such as scheduling, planning, and contacting outside organizations, like food vendors. 


Ford also mentioned that they want to keep the momentum going from last year and maintain their high turnouts. To accomplish this goal, Rocktivities is increasing their social media presence and now are on TikTok, which one can follow through InvolvementNetworkRMC.


They are excited for the return of the Barn Dance. This year’s dance will be held off campus at Angel Horses (403 56th Street West) on September 9 from 7-10pm. The Barn Dance will include cornhole, dancing, and barbecue foods with Bundt cakes for dessert! There will also be live music with the cover band Tanglewood performing.  


Rocktivities is ready for their next succulent night at Roots Garden Center on September 14. Students can go to Roots, and will have the chance to plant succulents, paint the pots, and get free drinks from Black Dog Coffee. The Rocktivities staff is also excited for some Homecoming week events as well as their next Coffee House event!


To hear about these fun events and many more, you can follow the InvolvementNetworkRMC on Instagram and Facebook. You can also refer to the various posters around campus, including the Potty Press and the bulletin board near the mailroom. Enjoy all of the Rocktivities events and be sure to thank them for all of their hard work!

Last year’s Rocktivity team at Rocky’s Prom that they organized! Courtesy of Tracy Mouser

Students at the first Pizza and Bowling night. Courtesy of Dani Ford


Another Rocktivity successful pizza and bowling night! Courtesy of Dani Ford

Rocktivites continues to find fun, new experiences for Rocky students, like Buttsketching at Orientation. 

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