The Theatre Arts Department at Rocky Mountain College has a play that is about to open, and it matches the spring theme: The Duck Variations! Director Jayme Green and student assistant director Mariah Cathey put a unique twist on this David Mamet play—what is written as a two-person show, now has six actors. 


Cathey explains, “The Duck Variations is basically two characters, which we have bent a little bit to fit our cast, and they are talking about their lives and some valuable lessons to learn. As well as issues going on, not just in their area, but that can be recognized by the world as a whole.”


As such, the show is philosophical and can leave you with some ideas to ponder. Cathey advises viewers to pay close attention to the ducks and the metaphors behind them. The play is also just plain funny, so there are plenty of good laughs among moments of reflection.


Cathey said she has learned a lot from this experience and states, “The fact that we were able to take a two-person small cast show and be able to fit people from all walks of life—whether they’re professors or students at Rocky that were looking to get into something else—that we were able to just create this piece of art to share with others and share our passion of theatre with everyone, is amazing.” 


This show features some theatre veterans and some new faces. The cast includes James Evans, Mette Fears, EvaMarie Gye, Abigail Peterson, Rosalyn Visser, and Dr. Jenifer Parks. The cast is engaged in the whole process, with Abigail Peterson in charge of set design. 


The Duck Variations will have six showings: April 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, and 9 with all performances beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the Losekamp auditorium. The play is open to the whole Billings community and is completely free, but donations are always welcome! Rocky Night is on April 6, when we try to get as many Rocky students out to the play to support Rocky’s Theatre Arts Department and their peers participating in the arts. 


Cathey, a theatre major, also described why she loves theatre and how after her first show in the fifth grade she “got hooked by the love that everyone shares during the whole process. Rehearsals, shows, tech week, and even at the closing night of your show . . . just creates a whole different universe and bonds with people that you just can’t find in any other hobby or career or event in your life.”


Come join another universe for an hour and enjoy Rocky’s The Duck Variations!

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