Stop and Listen: Music From Rocky Students, For Rocky Students By Jacob Wissinger of The Summit Staff

It is currently 0 degrees Fahrenheit at 2:30 p.m. with a potential high of 3 degrees in the next 3 days. Forced indoors and filling the time alone or with friends lends itself to music in abundance and depth. Our peers here at Rocky Mountain College are no strangers to sophistication and taste, so with

A Rock’n’Roll Love Story By Sydney Weaver of the Summit Staff

The history of rock and roll is littered with love ballads that have defined generations for years. Songs from The Beatles, Foreigner, and The Rolling Stones have conveyed love stories, and stories about breakups that one can’t help but dance to and find something toy Mountain College, the History of Rock and Roll class is

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions Beyond January By Rosalyn Visser Of the Summit Staff

With the start of 2022, many people made New Year’s Resolutions. Whether they resolved to be healthier, get off of TikTok, or spend more time with loved ones, lots of people set new goals for themselves. All of these, and countless other resolutions of self-improvement, are valid promises that individuals made to better themselves.  Many

Jacob’s Ladder: In A Bleak Midwinter, Feeling the Effects of a Third Condensed Semester By Jacob Wissinger of The Summit Staff

To preface this column, I am not the pinnacle of academia. If anything, I would be found in the median of the pool of college students. I’m not seeking to victimize myself as I detail my grievances, simply allowing for a space in which I can vent the burden and fatigue felt by myself and

Colors of the Military: Rocky student shares experiences serving in the Marines by Sydney Weaver of The Summit Staff

Sophomore William Patrick joined the Marines at 18 years old in 2011. Growing up in Ohio, he always wanted to serve in the military, specifically the Marines. He had grown up around service members his whole life. His father was in the Air Force, his uncle was in the Navy, and much of his family

The Lighting of the Tipis at Rocky Mountain College by Sydney Weaver of the Summit Staff

In 1990, Congress and George H. W. Bush signed a joint resolution that designated the month of November the National American Indian Heritage Month. To celebrate the month of November,  RMC’s Native American Outreach, alongside Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council and Pretty Sheild Foundation put together a display of tipis from Nov 4-7 with a